Select a sector of the Uk's tourism or hospitality industry and discuss how the current economic environment is likely to affect

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Development of tourism industry after the world war II Tourism and travel industry in the UK is one of the competitive industries in the world. The industry dwells not in a single activity, but integrates several sectors with the aim of serving needs of the travelers around the world.


Technological advancements captured the attention of the world market. Few people could access facilities and enjoy them to their satisfaction. The data released by the government via the Global Distribution Systems have showed significant growth in the industry. In 1989, the country had recorded 5 million tourists per annum as compared to 29.6 million in 2010 (Holland, 2011). Development in Jet Aircrafts: the development of the jet engine was invented after the Second World War. The advancement brought dramatic changes; although in 1958, the number of travelers per flight was restricted. In early 1970s, jets started ferrying more passengers thus making flight charges low and increasing the profits. This enhanced the growth of the industry significantly during this period. For the last twenty years, the tour operators have developed new packages to accommodate the needs of the new travelers. When compared to early 1950s, tourism has evolved significantly (Holland, 2011). The industry has fully adopted modernization and its structures to enhance its growth. Natural calamities Most countries depend on tourism to earn foreign exchange into the country. However, natural calamities like prolonged drought, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes may gradually change the face of tourism industry. Tourism acts as a source of employment to many people. ...
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