Discuss the effect of tourism on Portsmouth's Economy

Discuss the effect of tourism on Portsmouth
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Introduction The local infrastructure of Portsmouth has improved rapidly over the last ten years through establishment of improved transport links and communication. Portsmouth has over 100 high street shops centred in the commercial centre of the city. The government has undertaken initiative to expand the shopping area of Portsmouth and provide additional facilities for the attraction of tourists.


The large shopping areas in Portsmouth include the Ocean Retail Park on the North-Eastern side of Portsmouth. There are large shopping areas which incorporate tourists in large sections and also provide attractive facilities to the tourists. Effect of tourism on Portsmouth’s Economy The city of Portsmouth witnessed a high number of 638000 staying trips made by the tourists in 2010. This shows the huge volume of tourism in the city of Portsmouth out of which 547000 trips were made by the domestic tourists of Portsmouth and 91000 staying trips were by the overseas tourists. The increasing number of tourists in the city of Portsmouth could be attributed to the major attractions of the city in welcoming tourists to visit the place. The tourists visit Portsmouth in order to enjoy the naval history of the place. The increase in tourism resulted in the rise of inflow of tourists for visiting the D-Day Museum, the Royal Naval Museum, etc. The increasing number of tourists visiting Portsmouth has impacted the economy of Portsmouth in several ways in the positive direction which has been explained as follows. ...
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