Tourism Policy and Planning (answer 10 questions about York and sevilla)

Tourism Policy and Planning (answer 10 questions about York and sevilla) Essay example
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York-Seville Strategic Partnership Name: College: Course: Date: 1) There are key strategic issues affecting these two cities as tourist destinations. Despite these cities having a high demand of all sorts of tourists, they are constantly faced with problems related to the handling of the tourists and this requires more systematic solutions by all concerned parties.


This is one the challenges that also faces the two cities in terms of tourist destination. Seville city has to make sure that tourism is managed and developed in such a manner that it is able to benefit the resident population, but is should not be involved in the urban environment deterioration but rather to its promotion. It should as well not supposed to become a financial burden to the local authority. York faces several challenges. The city is seen to be having a high poverty rate and this might have a great impact on tourism sector. 2) The tourist activity in both cities with no doubt is seen to be one of the fundamental pillars of cultural, social and economic progress of the city. There is forceful reality that has a broad effect on any of the civil life fields. For Seville, its advantage stems right from not only the artistic heritage and plentiful monumental of the city, but it is also seen in the other aspects which make up the tourist product (catering, recreation areas, housing, infrastructures and trade). ...
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