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Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) Student’s Name College Name Professor Name Subject Abstract This research essay explores the economic effects of tourism industry, particularly through fair-trade tourism. It analyses the notion of Fair-trade tourism and how it encourages the employment, economic growth and infrastructural development in the host nations.


Introduction The tourism industry on the international level is booming. For instance, in the year 2012, total number of tourist figures reached a whooping figure of 1 billion and in the year 2013, the tourism industry anticipates to develop by three percent thereby contributing an aggregate of US$6.8 trillion or nine percent of the global GDP. Further, it is estimated that the tourism industry offers employment for more than 266 million around the world which connote that one in every eleven jobs on the planet is being offered by the tourism industry. While the significance of economic involvement cannot be refuted, many research studies have demonstrated that international tourism industry is not immune from inherent defects and could be the major contributor for the cultural, social and environmental issues. (Fairtrade Centre 2013). This research study will analyse how fair-trade certification helps the tourism industry of the respective nation helps to contribute the economy, society and social welfare in a detailed manner. Fair Trade Tourism – An Analysis As per research study carried over by Tearfund (2002,p.7) , the shoppers are eager to pay more for products that are manufactured or produced in a friendly way , which connotes that they benefit the nation in which they are manufactured or produced. ...
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