"Festivals and Events. The New Age".

"Festivals and Events. The New Age". Essay example
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Festivals and Events: The New Age 1. Introduction As record number of tourist arrivals continue to flood to the region of the United Kingdom annually, it has become necessary for industry professionals to look for new and creative ways of attracting visitors.


This concept has become so popular in recent years, however, that there is now the danger of having a glut of such events that are aimed at the same demographic group (Santino, 2009). This has been a most interesting development in regards to the creation of even more specialized festivals and events that are truly unique to one particular geographical region. This is showing great signs of success and is likely to be a trend that will continue into the future. This report at three different such festivals and events in the nations of England, Wales, and Scotland. Focused on will be the background to such events, the type of tourist that is target, and its economic and tourism related benefits that are arising in the region as a result. 2. The Green Man Festival - Wales 2.1 Festival Background The Green Man Music Festival is generally held over a four day period in the Black Mountains of Wales. It has been in existence for only ten years and was formed in response to the increasing desire to host a truly independent music festival within the region. It is quite an eclectic event that definitely appeals to a particular demographic group. ...
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