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Summary By Name Course Tutor’s Name Institution 08 December 2013 Summary The tourism sector has been beneficial to various countries in the world. The importance is derived from the economic impact of tourism in the countries (Inui, Wheeler & Lankord 2006).


The academics have focused on the ecological impacts of tourism and the principle of sustainable development (Inui, Wheeler & Lankord 2006). For this reason, sustainable tourism has dominated the curriculum. However, in the last decade of 20th century, the research focus has been on sociological aspect such as tourist sight and society. However, reviewing the curriculum content of tourism highlights a strong vocational focus at the expense of sociological or philosophical issues (Inui, Wheeler & Lankord 2006). Additionally, the present level of tourism training is different as compared to past. There has been the development of curriculum modules to teach students the relevant material. The attention has been on teaching principles of sustainable tourism and strict management techniques (Inui, Wheeler & Lankord 2006). Moreover, the increased connection between the industry and education has made many students employable because of possession of valuable skills and practical experience in the industry (Inui, Wheeler & Lankord 2006). On the other hand, practitioners have been shown to have an effect on the content of the curriculum. The authors emphasise on occupational and moderate aspects of education. They argue that the two are essential in producing a well-rounded graduate (Inui, Wheeler & Lankord 2006). ...
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