Tourism and the Environment: A symbiotic Relationships

Tourism and the Environment: A symbiotic Relationships Dissertation example
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Tourism and the Environment: A symbiotic Relationships [Name] [Date] Introduction Modern world is full of opportunities. Tourism opens the doors to the global world. Environment is another crucial issue of the modernity. Modern people depend on nature. There is no doubt about that and further development of tourism will be even more successful in case it does not violate environment, but develops it.


There are many other underlying aspects in the relationship between tourism and environment. Modern economies of many countries depend on their ability to develop a sphere of tourism. For the majority of developing countries being a good tourist operator is one of the basic means of existence. Moreover, the quality of the environment of a certain place is another great interest for the developers of tourism in any country. Environmental quality of a place for tourism is of high importance as well. Objectives: This dissertation is focused on identification of negative impacts of tourism of environment; analysis of tourism impact exerted on the environment; management of tourism in symbiotic relationship with environment. Research Methodology: A choice of appropriate methodology is one of the first and foremost concerns. It is better to focus on the problems locally and consider, for example, the specific elements of the ecosystem of the tourist locale. Methodology of ANOVA data collection is appropriate for sociological studies. In the selected region, a popular place for tourism, tour operators and managers will show their awareness of tourism impact on the environment. ...
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