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Ecotourism [Student Name] [Course Title] [Instructor Name] [Date] Ecotourism Introduction When it comes to the assessment of marine life, pristine waters and natural fragile areas, eco-tourism is a popular procedure to conduct this assessment. Ecotourism is a procedure of visiting natural undistributed sites in order to improve the ecological conservation of those sites and locations.


Similarly, another objective of ecotourism is to improve the ecological state of the visited sites, i.e. improving life in marine and life in seas and oceans (Fennell & Dowling, 2003). This report is assessing the ecotourism activity associated to dolphins, which are one of the species that are most challenged due to natural resources’ depletion. Concerning to dolphins’ ecology, the argument stands out that due to human-derived impact such as the environmental pollution, eutrophication, and exploitation of the seas and oceans, dolphin’s life is under threat. The objective of this report is to find out that how ecotourism is facilitating the ecological conservation of dolphins. What challenges ecologists face while they tour areas populated with dolphins will be answered in this report. The subject of ecotourism will be further be studied and comprehended in this report. What are Dolphins? In order to understand ecotourism with respect to dolphins, it is primarily important to understand dolphins in their nature. Therefore, this section is describing dolphins, their behavior, their ecology and their living patterns in changing water conditions (Viddi & Ribeiro, 2004). Dolphins are marine mammals mostly categorized in the families of porpoises and whales. ...
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