Culinary(or Gastronomic)Tourism

Culinary(or Gastronomic)Tourism Essay example
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Major Project Proposal Form   The project proposed must normally have elements of literature review and primary data collection and analysis.     Personal Details Name: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Major project outline Title: Culinary Tourism in Derbyshire   Rationale There are many terms used to refer to culinary tourism that include gastronomic tourism or food tourism.


Food tourism has grown such that it is ranked alongside scenery and climate, which are huge attractions for many tourists. It is mainly practiced domestically where people from one region travel to another region to consume locally produced food. However, international culinary tourism is on the increase as people from one continent travel to another, for example, culinary tourists from the United States of America travel to Italy, to experience the Italian cuisine. The different food and beverages experienced in different locations are usually the chief motivating factors for culinary tourists. There are a few reasons why I am interested in Culinary tourism. Firstly, I love cooking and since culinary is the art of cooking food, I would like to learn other recipes and enjoy different kinds of food from other parts of the world. As a cooking enthusiast, increasing one’s knowledge of food is an asset that can be only be acquired through learning how other people prepare their food. Secondly, I loved travelling. I love visiting different places and learning about the diversity of different people. Every culture is unique; therefore, there is a lot to learn especially in the preparation of food. ...
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