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Culinary(or Gastronomic)Tourism in Derbyshire - Essay Example


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Culinary(or Gastronomic)Tourism in Derbyshire

The researcher states there are many terms used to refer to culinary tourism that include gastronomic tourism or food tourism. These terms are used to describe the activity of travelling in a bid to experience the different food of a region, an area or a country. Since many people are presently active in culinary tourism, it has been considered to be a critical constituent of the tourism experience. Food tourism has grown such that it is ranked alongside scenery and climate, which are huge attractions for many tourists. It is mainly practiced domestically where people from one region travel to another region to consume locally produced food. However, international culinary tourism is on the increase as people from one continent travel to another, for example, culinary tourists from the United States of America travel to Italy, to experience the Italian cuisine. The different food and beverages experienced in different locations are usually the chief motivating factors for culinary tourists. The reason why the researcher would like to conduct my culinary tourism research in Derbyshire is because he has heard a lot about the culinary events held in the city. The local residents have an Annual Derbyshire Food and Drink festival where competitors cook various local dishes and the crowd gets to enjoy the fete, after which the winners are announced in a small ceremony. This event has attracted many culinary tourists and the following keeps growing. The author would like to attend the event this

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following year and learn about the food in Derbyshire, thus increasing his knowledge base. my knowledge base. Nature of research This research will help me in gathering knowledge about the cultural foods grown and prepared in Derbyshire. Most of the research will involve interviewing the participants in the event to find out the food that they will be preparing, the methods that they will employ to prepare the food and the recipes. I will then make observations as this will help me gain knowledge about the different food in that region. I will also interview the residents to seek their expert opinion on the nature of food in the event and around Derbyshire. They will also help me gain insight on their cultural meals and the way they prepare them. Justification of the research This research will help me gain knowledge in cooking. The fact that I will be exposed to different types of foods and experience firsthand information on preparing food will help me increase my knowledge. Learning about other cultures ways of doing things helps an individual to come up with new creative ideas. Conducting this research in a place with a new culture will help me come up with new cooking ideas, thus creating new recipes. Since I love travelling and this research will involve travelling to Derbyshire, I will enjoy the new scenery, the landscape and meet different people, therefore, increasing knowledge on different fields and bringing a relaxing


This paper will help in gathering knowledge about the cultural foods grown and prepared in Derbyshire. Most of the research will involve interviewing the participants in the event to find out the food that they will be preparing, the methods that they will employ to prepare the food and the recipes…
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Culinary(or Gastronomic)Tourism in Derbyshire essay example
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