Destination Marketing

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ABSTRACT Destination marketing (DM) is an activity that sets the structure and direction for overall marketing drives for a particular tourist destination. It begins from conducting market research to establish its characteristics; this is in terms of competitor analysis and market prescience (Wang, Pizam 2011).


These DM initiatives in Vietnam have led to considerable improvement of tourist numbers with the number surpassing 5 million; this represents a 40% increase from 2009. However, Vietnam still lags behind other countries within the region for instance, Laos and Philippines which are smaller destinations. Vietnam marketers are also concentrated in promoting Vietnam as a cultural destination rather than focusing on other products like sports and eco-tourism which has gained much attention in the recent years. 1. INTRODUCTION Vietnam is the destination under focus and the country belongs to the greater Asia-Pacific tourism circuit. This report identifies the destination marketing organizations (DMOs) within Vietnam as well as giving a version of their structure and responsibilities. SWOT analysis is conducted to investigate the market’s competitiveness while also giving the challenges and constraints. Lastly, develop a two year marketing plan aimed at keeping the destination competitive in a rapidly changing market place. ...
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