Is there a future in Travel Agency in the UK

 Is there a future in Travel Agency in the UK Dissertation example
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1. INTRODUCTION The development in information technology (IT) has modernized the tourism industry, which has brought about advantages and disadvantages among consumers and providers. On the side of travel agencies, the emergence of the internet era has modified the structure of the travel industry, as well as significantly impacted the behavior of consumers (Law, et al., 2004).


In essence, the future of the travel agency industry in the United Kingdom perceives technology both as danger and useful business prospect, in line with adapting to realities in society. Examining the future of the industry of travel agencies in United Kingdom is valuable for the current players in the market, as it will help improve the current practice and help resolve the declining market. The study aims to evaluate the effects of technology in UK’s travel agency industry, in order to analyze the potential disadvantages it presents and the potential it presents for optimal utilization. Identifying the threats that the information and communication technology era presents is valuable in mitigating its effects to the Travel Agency industry. On the other hand, analyzing technology as a tool for business growth would reinforce business practice and promote growth. Apart from market players, the study will also be beneficial for scholarly and academic work, as it would contribute to the body of knowledge that evaluates the correlation of tourism and technology, on both the negative and positive aspects. ...
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