Strategic management project: A case study on Hilton Worldwide

Strategic management project: A case study on Hilton Worldwide Essay example
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Strategic Management Project: A case study on Hilton Worldwide Student Name: Student ID: Course: Professor: Word Count: 3,035 Outline Outline 2 “An entrepreneur would want things to happen; an opportunist would wait for things to happen 'but’ the Strategist makes these things happen”.


The proposed methodology aims to study all those factors that constitute an Ideal Strategic Management by doing a case study on one of the oldest and biggest hospitality group ‘Hilton Worldwide’. In accomplishing this goal, this research is divided in to twelve sections respectively. First ten sections comprise precise discussion on distinctive features attributed to ‘Strategic Management’, including facts based on actual plans adopted by Hilton group. Its causes and effects. Followed by a sharp observation of the case study and ending it with an apt conclusion. Historical Background The establishment history of Hilton Hotel dates back to the early 20th century when in the year 1925; it was first opened by Conrad Hilton in Dallas, Texas. Apart from several milestone created by each passing decade; this group still continues to attract the management students to study its strategic principles over the time. ("Hilton Global Media Centre"). With several other added ventures ; creating 10 brands,91 countries,3900 Hotels,630,000 rooms and a series of outstanding achievements in history with phenomenal services initiated ,this group is now known as ‘Hilton Worldwide’("Hilton Worldwide"). Strategic Evolution The Group has had many strategic plans to ensure their stability in the market. ...
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