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Running Head: Strategic Tourism Planning Strategic Tourism Planning [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Strategic Tourism Planning Background Tourism plays an important part in the economy of any country, region or nation. This paper deals with the tourism in Floyd County.


Private businesses have also served leadership capacities, including the gathering of support for certain collaborative ads and promotions and publishing newsletters, websites and a magazine about Floyd. The Floyd County Chamber of Commerce has been playing a significant role in the supporting of local businesses in the long time. A significant revitalization part has been performed by the government of the Floyd County in the downtown. The staff and town spent time in the prominent investments in the private sector and various alterations and modifications have been brought by the finances that were acquired from the federal and in the shape of restoration and enhancement of downtown which also includes more public restrooms, shops, a hotel, additional parking, and a community market (Butler, Richard, Michael, John, 1998). The Heritage Pathways project has been continually worked upon by the towns which will offer crucial interconnections to it. A downtown park is being developed within the town which has been granted the support from the Partnership for Floyd. Numerous local non-profits have been provided funding and finance by the Town of Floyd, which also includes it financing through the Virginia Commission for the Arts. Thus, the Floyd Town has worked properly and in sophisticated manner upon its tourist aspect. ...
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