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Reading Portfolio/Journal Name: Institution: Reading Portfolio/Journal The tourism industry generates a lot of revenue to any country that practices it appropriately. It is a vast industry, and; therefore, has many issues that bear significant impact. In this essay, various sources will be used to discuss issues and their impacts.


Adverse weather conditions such as heavy rains and snow fall discourage tourists from visiting a certain country. Heavy rainfall can damage roads and interfere with air transport (Condren, 2011). This hinders navigation to different locations. Language barriers pose a significant challenge to this sector, as well. Language barrier is a condition whereby parties cannot communicate appropriately. It mainly occurs in situations where foreigners visit remote localities and are unable to communicate with the locals. This may lead to restrictions since the foreign tourists may not get adequate information about the phenomenon (Condren, 2011). Terror attack is a detrimental issue in the tourism industry. Tourists, whether foreign or domestic, need to be protected from the malicious terror attack. In the article, government agencies were urged to boost security in the beaches, parks and hotels to guide the welfare of tourists and boost their reputation. Tourism is a crucial sector of any economy. Hence, such issues must be addressed for economic welfare (Condren, 2011). The Sun Daily Newspaper During the second week, The Sun Daily Newspaper was used as main source. Firstly, tourism causes an increase in prices. Tourism will result to increase demand of basic commodities (McCarty, 2012). ...
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