The Role of Events in the Seaside Destination: A Case Study of Sport Events in Eastbourne

The Role of Events in the Seaside Destination: A Case Study of Sport Events  in Eastbourne Essay example
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Chapter 4: Findings and Discussion 4.1 Introduction This chapter will focus on primary data that have been collected though the research process as mentioned in Chapter 3 to meet Objectives Two and Three. Most of the information from the respondents will be described in form of tables and charts.


Therefore, those questionnaires which contained this incorrect data are shown by an asterisk (*) in order to avoid causing bias within the analysis. The public view about Eastbourne was tested to measure the reliability of items by using Cronbach’s alpha. The Cronbach’s alpha of collected data in public view is 0.932 for standardised variables (Refer to Appendix E). In addition, this chapter will show critical analysis in so far as it relates the discussion and the of the research main findings from the questionnaires and interviews back to the literature review provided in chapter 2. 4.2 Survey Findings As shown in the table and chart below, there were 105 respondents in the entire survey process of which 56% were females, while 44% were male. This shows that the study population was female dominated. Table 1 and Chart 1 below elaborate the gender diversity of the respondents. Table 1- Gender and Response Rate Frequency Percentage Valid Percentage Cumulative Percentage Valid Male 46 44 44 44 Female 59 56 56 100.0 Total 105 100 100.0 Missing System 0 Total Respondents 105 100.0 Chart 1: Gender The comparison of the age bracket versus the gender diversity revealed mixed dominance as shown in Chart 2 below. However, the 18-25 year old age bracket has the highest percentage of respondents at 36%. ...
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