Hospitality and Tourism Strategic Planning

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Hospitality and Tourism Strategic Planning Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Overview of the Company 3 Environmental Analysis of Hilton Hotels & Resorts 4 External Environment 6 PESTLE Analysis 8 8 Internal Factors 10 Mission, Vision and Values of Hilton Hotels and Resorts 10 Human Resources 12 Marketing and Distribution Channels 13 SWOT 14 Theoretical Approach to Business Strategies 16 Evaluating Strategic Options 17 References 20 Bibliography 24 Overview of the Company Hilton Hotels & Resorts struck its first venture in the year 1919 with Conrad Hilton buying his very first hotel.


The rooms of this hotel had the facility of running water, though cold, and the air condition luxury in its public rooms. It was in the year 1947 when a hotel named Roosevelt Hilton was launched at New York City. This hotel pioneered in providing its guest rooms with televisions. By the year 1948, the Hilton Hotel was identified as the first hotel company to come up with the new system of multi–hotel reservation. This gave birth to the modern reservation system that is used today (Hilton Worldwide, 2012). As years passed, the company paced up its innovations and came up with new concepts and approaches every now and then. The introduction of sewing kit and a booklet containing important and useful names and numbers for the female travellers brought the company to limelight. Improvement in its technical side is characterized by the “brand–wide direct telephone service” launched by the company in the year 1957. The introduction of airport hotel based concept was cheered by the business purpose travellers. ...
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