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Tourism Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Discussion 6 Illustration of Dubai as a Tourist Place 6 Illustration of Dubai as a New Paradigm 8 Conclusion 11 12 References 13 Introduction The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries of the world.


Annually a large number of tourists visit Dubai to explore its beauty and iconic architecture. In spite of being an energy production and refining industry based economy, Dubai is also dependent on the tourism sector. Notably, Dubai is also considered as one of the most preferred shopping destinations of the world, which has facilitated the place as a potential and competitive tourism market. It is worth mentioning in this context that the tallest building of the world, which is around 818 meters in height, as well as the world’s largest shopping mall, is also located in Dubai (Burjuman, 2012; Davis, 2007). Furthermore, it has been observed that Dubai is also quite popular for the underwater hotel called Hydropolis, which is one of its kinds. It has been analysed by various experts that these aspects make Dubai one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world. Additionally, in the context of the rich architecture of Dubai, the design of the Palm Jumeirah Island would be worth mentioning. It is one of the biggest artificial islands that have been ever built. Because of its vast scale and a unique shape (i.e. a palm tree), it has been noted that this island would be visible from space even with the naked eye and has already been attracting a vast number of tourists from the global tourism market. ...
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