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Sustainable Tourism

Tourism provides income and economic stability for many places as well as increasing how well known they are worldwide. For example, the state of Monaco has used tourism as its main source of income since the Second World War (D'Hauteserre, 2005). As a consequence the state has fared very well economically, with one of the highest standards of living world wide as well as a long life expectancy (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). This shows that tourism can be an extremely important business venture, and indeed it is practiced worldwide. In the 1990s tourism was seen as a low-impact venture that consumed little to no resources. This is because in many countries, especially those that are developing tourism makes use of areas that are not being used otherwise or are of low value (Goessling, 2000). However, there has been a growing realization that tourism is having a significant on the ecological environment as well as having strong social and cultural effects (Galvani, 2005). An example of this is gambling, which is a prevalent tourist activity, often taking place in casinos with entire resorts and communities designed around them. While these are effective as a tourist destination they are also havens for prostitution and crime (Pizam and Pokela, 1985). ...
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The Effectiveness and Use of Sustainable Tourism in the World Today Background Tourism is where a person or people travel to and stays at a place that is distinct from their usual environment, and stay there for any length of time between one night and one year…
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