Research Paper sample - Quality managment techniques and their relationship to revenue managment.

Quality managment techniques and their relationship to revenue managment. Research Paper example
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Synopsis: This is a twelve page APA citation style research paper with seventeen works cited. The title is Quality Management Techniques and Their Relationship to Revenue Management, The aspects of information technology on the travel and hospitality industry will be explored…


Introduction The travel and hospitality industry may be perceived as an umbrella industry which is composed of a number of other industries which serve as components (Adriana, 2009). Tourist based web services are a new research concern created by the assimilation of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the travel and hospitality sector . The technology which composes the Internet has been assimilated and is now applied toward the administration of travel and hospitality services (Damala et al., 2007). The information and communication technologies are one of the more important aspects of sustainability with regards to the travel and hospitality markets. The information and communication technologies also have long reaching impact into the strategic administration of travel and hospitality services (Bojnec & Kribel, 2006). There have been an increase in trends of Internet sales of a variety of different travel and hospitality services in the Western European market from 1998- 1999. The basis of this evaluation has been achieved by means of measuring the Internet sales of sixty four important travel and hospitality concerns which have a foundation in the United States and Europe. ...
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