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Tourism In Bhutan [Name] [Course] [Professor’s Name] [Date] Introduction This report looks at the tourism industry of Bhutan. Tourism in the country of Bhutan didn’t start until 1974, when the country first started issuing visas / licenses to tourists.


There is however, a lot of potential that is undiscovered by the Bhutanese travel authorities. The country experiences cold weather conditions throughout he year and that can enable snow / ice sports in the country. This report gives an in depth view of the current state of the tourism industry and gives recommendations which could be incorporated to make this industry even more lucrative for the country. The Kingdom of Bhutan is located in Southern Asia and has witnessed a rapidly changing tourist industry. The privatization of the Tourism industry can be cited as a major factor which has helped the country to increase its investment. The privatization of the tourism industry has given a way to many companies to launch an initiative which has helped in boosting the tourism of the country. However the government of Bhutan has been very cautious when implementing the policies of tourism within the country so that it does not affect the economy of the country negatively. This essay would further revolve around these issues and put a comprehensive end to the benefits that the tourism industry has brought to the country. Tourism In Bhutan Geographical Location The Kingdom Of Bhutan is one of the smaller states in Southern Asia. Its key immediate neighbors are China and India. ...
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