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Running Head: Proposal on Impact of Natural Disaster Proposal on Impact of Natural Disaster [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Background 4 Context of Study 5 Aim and Objectives 6 Research Questions identified 6 Research Aim and Research objectives 7 Literature Review 7 Overview of the themes, issues, theories and/or concepts 7 Economic Impact of Natural Disaster on Tourism 9 Environmental Impact of Natural Disaster on Tourism 10 Research Methodology 11 Introduction 11 Research Design 11 Data Collection Techniques 12 Data Analysis and/ or Data Interpretation Processes 13 Proposal Summary 14 Main Research Philosophy and Approaches 14 Eth…


In other words, they are the sudden events and hazards caused by environmental factors. Quite a few of the natural disasters include floods, volcanic eruptions, volcanic mudslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, blizzards, drought, hurricanes, tropical storms, typhoons, tornadoes, ice storms, heat waves, avalanches, landslides, forest fires, electrical storms and several others (Stoltman, Lidstone, & Dechano, 2004). These natural disasters have come under two broad categories: climatic disasters and geologic disasters. The climatic disasters are the result of atmospheric or environmental incidents such as floods, hurricanes, and droughts that affects nations on a large scale. While on the other hand, the geologic disasters are the consequence of geological changes in the earth. Earthquakes and volcanoes are few of the major geologic disasters that make a direct effect on to the economies of the countries and tend to cause less physical damage in comparison. ...
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