Farmhouse tour in china and its sustainability

Farmhouse tour in china and its sustainability Term Paper example
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Ecotourism in China [Name of customer] [Name of institute] [Environment] Ecotourism in China With the advent of time and increasing level of enlightenment and literacy which has taken place all over the world, most countries intend to discover newer frontiers.


However, before we move into the multitude and diverse dynamics governed by ecotourism in different countries, it is important that the salient injunctions of this process are properly understood. During the course of this discussion, we would look at some fundamental aspects of ecotourism and the ways in which these practices are applied in case of a growing economy such as China. The topics in different phases of discussion would deal with multitude features that would help us in understanding the different dynamics of ecotourism. It will also look at the ways in which China has been utilizing them to serve the purpose of exploring newer frontiers to generate income. These techniques, at the same time also increase the level of awareness among Chinese people regarding different types of natural, places of scenic beauty and tourist points . Before moving into further details of ecotourism and the ways in which this phenomenon is applied in China, it is important to understand some rudimentary facts about ecotourism. Ecotourism is basically defined as, the form of tourism which often involves touring of fragile and pristine, and comprises of those specific areas which are normally protected and their access is restricted to general public. It is important that ecotourism must be properly distinguished from the conventional norms and rules of the tourism industry and their application in the global industry. ...
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