Heritage Management and Eco Tourism in the UK and China.

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Heritage Management and Eco Tourism in the UK and China. Cultural heritage is an essential component of any nations’ identity. In addition to being a national heritage, the cultural heritage is a wealth that belongs to the citizens as well as to the whole mankind.


The reason for this added requirement of coordination and cooperation between diverse organizations and stakeholders has arisen due to the expansion in global as well as domestic tourism worldwide. With the advent of globalization and liberalization and the opening up of world economies, there has been a rise in the incomes as well as expenditure on entertainment and travel (Martha, 2008). More and more people have started to travel, both within their countries and in foreign destinations, in order to spend their holidays or even to conduct business. Cultural heritage sites have become important tourist attractions worldwide and have often become a source of high revenue for the destination country. For example, in the case of several European countries like Italy, Spain and France, their rich cultural heritage has been restored, packaged and promoted as tourist attraction that inspires millions of people to visit and bring foreign exchange to these countries (Tuohino and Hynonen, 2001). ...
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