There's Increase Recognition that Conference Tourism Has a Significant Impact on Climate Change and the Wider Environment

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There is an increasing recognition that conference tourism has a significant impact on climate change and the wider environment (Mair and Jago 2010). As this recognition grows, so demands are being place on conference venues to adopt the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and to introduce ‘greening practices’ (Mohindra, 2008).


The specific role of business is examined in this paper. Emphasis is used on the potential use of a specific business activity, the conference venues, for the promotion of sustainability and the increase of awareness of critical environmental problems. At this point, another issue appears: tourism is not just an activity for entertainment; it can become a means for promoting various social and environmental messages. The review of the existing literature on the specific field revealed the following facts: corporate social responsible is the framework through which businesses intervene in environmental problems and promote relevant solutions. Moreover, it has been made clear that tourism is a social activity with many different dimensions; its use for supporting sustainability and the respect for the environment can be an effective solution for controlling the effects of human activities on the environment. In fact, conference tourism can have a key role in the increase of awareness of environmental issues by promoting corporate social responsibility and greening practices, as analyzed below. 2. ...
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