How developments in molecular biology might help the survival of mankind? (800 words)

How developments in molecular biology might help the survival of mankind?      (800 words) Essay example
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Developments in molecular biology has brought tremendous benefits to the survival of mankind and the technology promises major breakthrough in some of the most challenging problems facing humanity currently. Some of the application of molecular microbiology includes prevention and treatment of diseases, production of new protein products in addition to modification of plants and animal genotypic composition to produce the desired phenotypic traits.


Some of the most lethal genetic disease includes Pompe disease, cystic fibrosis, and muscular dystrophy among other harmful inheritable disorders. Most of these genetic infections are not curable and patients die at tender age. Molecular biology technology has provided cure for Pompe disease, a once lethal muscular disease in newborn babies. The cure for the disease was developed from milk of genetically modified rabbits to produce alpha- glucosidase, a human enzyme that treats the condition (Van den Hout, et al 2000). Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) analysis, a technology in molecular biology is currently applied in medical research for identifying polymorphisms that are associated with causing specific genetic disorders (Tait, 1999). The technology is used to screen carriers and people infected with genetic disease. In addition, genetic counselors apply the technique to screen the DNA of people from families with history of genetic disorders to establish the chance of transmitting the disease to the children. ...
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