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Quality in Nursing Home Care Abstract The quality of nursing home care may vary from institution to institution. While throughout the decades, nursing homes have continued to provide care for elderly’s societies, changes in the health trends and demographics made some nursing homes irrelevant or unsuitable.


Institutions such as Medicare have developed checklists and recommendation guidelines that prospective residents and their families can use to adequately assess the appropriateness of a specific nursing home. These checklists cover all aspects of a nursing home, including safety, cleanliness, its ability to provide for the global needs of an individual, and its thrust in upholding the rights of the residents. It is also important to be aware of the security threats that may occur inside nursing homes. Taking time to choose the best nursing home for an individual will ensure better long-term health outcomes, quality of life, and sense of well-being. Introduction Improvements in health care management and technology have brought an overall increase in life expectancy. With this came the rise of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities and more individuals requiring the services of such facilities. Choosing the right nursing home for a loved one may be daunting. Much research is required in order to choose the right institution, and even with adequate research, some family members may still have reservations about placing a loved one under the care of such institutions. Medicare (2008a) provides laypeople with recommendations on how to choose the right nursing home. ...
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