Tourism in Dubai

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Development of Dubai as a tourist destination
Potential issues involved during the development of tourism
Comparison of tourism development between Dubai and Turkey
SWOT Analysis
Main threats for sustainable development of tourism in Dubai
Sustainable Tourism Strategy- Policies and Initiatives tourist destination in recent years.


The rise of this sector has been so dramatic and rapid since the recent years that now it appears in the brochures of city breaks and long haul operators across the world. As per the latest reports presented by the World Travel and Tourism Council, The sector has been demonstrating annual growth of 14% and also comprises of numerous tourism and leisure related projects which are worth more than ?35 billion. It is also important to mention that the tourism sector in Dubai comprises of 22.6% of the annual GDP of the Emirates (Dubai Update, 2008, p.1). The most important and prominent reason for the development of the sector is the location of the Dubai. Dubai is located between two of the major world tourism markets, namely, Asia and Europe. It does not take more than six or seven hours to fly from these regions to Dubai. This is coupled with the fact that is the home base of the Emirates which is one of the best airlines in the world. Accessibility accounts for one of the key factors for travelers and the location of Dubai at the gateway towards the Middle East provides major advantage to the region in terms of attracting visitors in the region. ...
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