Brazil's development will attempt to lead sustainability for the next World Cup

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Brazil’s development will attempt to lead sustainability for the next World Cup Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 Background 1 1.2 Rationale for the study 1 1.3 Research aims and objectives 2 2. Literature review 2.1 Definition – events – sustainability 3 2.2 Link between event and sustainable management 4 2.3 Sustainability and standards 5 2.4 Research Design 6 3.


Introduction 1.1 Background Sports, conferences and entertainment events have become major events in which environmental sustainability has emerged as an important theme (Ponsford, 2011). Every event claims to be environmentally conscious but the extent to which the authorities take steps to attain sustainability remains a debatable issue. The event organizers should be responsible for making the first step towards sustainability as they make a major impact on the environment (Hill, 1998). The first step involves preparing an action plan based on various factors that are set together to create an event. Brazil is due to host the World Cup in three years’ time and the infrastructure development that this event calls for, is tremendous. Brazil is expected to invest US$18.7bn for the 2014 FIFA World Cup which will fund 50 projects in 12 Brazilian host cities (Portal Brasil, 2010). The Minister for Sports claims that the development of Brazil to meet the demands of the event would greatly improve the country for the citizens. ...
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