Impact of Tourism in Monaco, MC

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The Effects of Tourism on the Small State of Monaco A literature review and research design Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Literature Review 4 Background 4 Economic Effects 5 The largest impact that tourism has had on Monaco is the economic impact.


This exchange left the state lacking in natural resources, so an alternative method of generating income and remaining independent needed to be found . Tourism has allowed the state to flourish economically, resulting in a very high living standard, one of the highest life expectancies in the world and high levels of literacy, sanitation and water provision . As a consequence, tourism is relied on for income for the state, as with many other Mediterranean tourist destinations; there is no alternative source of income. As a consequence, the state is tied into tourism, and must continually work to ensure the attraction of tourists . 5 Ecological Effects 5 Tourism as an industry relies heavily on the environment, both the natural environment and the human one . This is less so in Monaco than in many other tourism spots, as Monaco has little to no natural resources , however, it is still relevant. Firstly, the scenic views of Monaco and the coastline are important, if these are compromised as a consequence of tourism or other activities, then the tourism industry within Monaco suffers significantly. An example of this is the invasion and spread of the marine species Caulerpa taxifolia throughout the Mediterranean. ...
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