Impact of Tourism on the Quality of Life on the Citizens of the Historic Center of Venice, Italy

Impact of Tourism on the Quality of Life on the Citizens of the Historic Center of Venice, Italy  Essay example
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This paper reviews the research proposal, “Impact of Tourism on the Quality of Life of the Citizens of the Historic Center of Venice, Italy” by Fabio Carrera, submitted to the Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei.


To achieve this primary objective, the first step is to survey and record the present distribution of retail shops and the type of primary goods such as food and other daily commodities sold therein. The number of shops that predominantly sell tourist-oriented goods would be recorded and a “touristization index” would be formulated to estimate the prevalence of tourist-oriented shops in the region. Another index, viz. “shopping comfort” would also be formulated to measure the quality of life based on the importance and necessity of products sold in these retail shops, the accessibility of the stores, the number of people of different age groups in each shop’s vicinity, average price of basic goods etc. Once these indices are computed, the shopping landscape of Venice from the time of World War II (1945) to 2005 would be recreated. This will facilitate the study of the evolution of the retail landscape of Venice in 60 years, and will also equip the researchers with enough data to help in identifying the trends in its evolution. The research problem that this study wishes to address is whether tourism has influenced the quality of life of people living in Venice, by affecting its retail sector. The study wishes to ascertain whether shops selling basic and daily commodities have been replaced by tourist-oriented shops selling artifacts and souvenirs, thereby affecting the common people’s daily lives. Access to shops selling foodstuff and other necessities, the age of individuals living in the shop’s vicinity and the distances travelled to procure goods for daily needs will thus be assessed by the study. ...
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