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Business tourism in Abu Dhabi

Research design is generally related to the creation of a system of studying and making enquiries into a given subject. This research is designed to answer the research question: optimization of the structures of business tourism in Abu Dhabi through the incorporation of external studies and views of business professionals.

The design seeks to use the various elements of scientific research to identify important factors that can help make recommendations about the best ways that business tourism can be boosted. It will focus on examining the needs and expectations of targeted consumers and how best to attain the elements of the strategies identified by the relevant authorities to ensure that the best results are attained. The process therefore draws on various information that are relevant to the numerous stakeholders in this drive to ensure that the best recommendations are done.

The research is going to be an exploratory research in nature. Although it will examine information and data from numerous sources, attempts will be made to acquire primary data and study new trends. The inferences that will be made from the findings and conclusions will become the basis for the recommendations that will be targeted for key players of the business tourism drive of the UAE. In this research, the main independent variable that is being tested is business tourism in Abu Dhabi. Business tourism in Abu Dhabi is the basis for the entire research and it is examined with the view of getting the best results in the future. ...
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This paper explores the research methodology to study the predominant perception of business professionals in relation to the development of business tourism in Abu Dhabi.It also seeks to use various research techniques like interviews and surveys to find out about the perceptions of business professionals…
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