Business tourism ( views of business professionals on the future of business tourism in Abu Dhabi

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Business Professionals' Perception on Abu Dhabi Business Tourism COM 550: Applied Research Seminar Shereen Al Nowais (ID: M8000997) Name of your Univeristy Abstract This paper explores the research methodology to be employed to study the predominant perception of business professionals in relation to the development of business tourism in Abu Dhabi.


It also seeks to use various research techniques like interviews and surveys to find out about the perceptions of business professionals and authorities who are linked to the business tourism development drive. Keywords: Abu Dhabi, Business Tourism, Methodology, ADNEC, MICE Methodology Introduction This chapter examines the methodology to be used to conduct the research. The research seeks to identify important things that will help boost business tourism in Abu Dhabi. It draws on the contribution of business professionals and related matters to ascertain the main elements that can support the creation of a good environment for business tourism in Abu Dhabi. Scope of Research Abu Dhabi holds over 90% of the United Arab Emirates' oil (Noack, 2007 p13). Since oil reserves make a significant contribution to UAE's economy, Abu Dhabi is a very important part of the country. However, the Abu Dhabi authorities have announced their intention to diversify the economy by investing in manufacturing, trade and tourism (Noack, 2007 p13). Vision 2030 of the United Arab Emirates provides an important emphasis on tourism as a key element of the growth of the nation's economy (Oxford business Group, 2011, p155). ...
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