Critical Discussion of Two Urban Dark Tourism Sites Based On Death and Disaster - Essay Example

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Critical Discussion of Two Urban Dark Tourism Sites Based On Death and Disaster

Memories about war, disasters, and battle sites have produced interests, curiosity, and adventurism among many tourists. Urban dark tourism therefore constitutes a field that is emerging powerfully, involving people around the world traveling towards sites, attractions, and events that have association in one way or the other with death, suffering, violence, or disaster (Stone, 2005). Wight (2006) notes that interpretation, marketing, and production of dark tourism products in the modern world is huge. However, inevitability of debate concerning political and ethical issues of the concept remains live and unavoidable (Sharpley, 2009, p.5). Due to this observation, this research paper aims to critically discuss ethical and political issues of two urban dark tourism products/sites that emerge as a result of interpreting, marketing, and producing the two dark tourism products or sites. ...
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Running head: CRITICAL DISCUSSION OF TWO URBAN DARK TOURISM SITES BASED ON DEATH AND DISASTER Critical Discussion of Two Urban Dark Tourism Sites Based On Death and Disaster Insert Name Insert Insert O6 October 2011 Critical Discussion of Two Urban Dark Tourism Sites Based On Death and Disaster Introduction Traveling to places, sites, and regions that represent the stories, memories, and people of the past has gradually evolved to become a powerful force that characterizes heritage tourism (Edgell, 2006, p.62)…
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