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THE PENNINE CENTER Author (Your Name) Professor (Your teacher’s name) Date due 1.1 Introduction Pennine Center provides entertainment to the people in their leisure times. It was the dream of William Carroll. This center provides many benefits to the people such as fast food outlets, shows and events to entertain those people, luxuries hotel rooms etc.


1.2 SWOT and PESTEL analysis Political Economical Social Technological Environmental Legal Strength - The environment of Pennine hotel is very friendly which is surrounded by lakes and gardens which attract customers and keep them satisfied. It provides luxuries benefits to society such as leisure centre, swimming pools and sports stadium. Centre has technology with nine screen cinema, stadiums and car parking, effectively managed retail outlets. It has a wide geographic coverage with remarkable locations. - Weaknesses Increase in competition reduces the chances to attract more customers. Profits of company are reducing rapidly and are resulting in low returns due to uncertain economic conditions. It is unable to target large number of people as most of the shops are empty due to lack of resources. It lacks the ability to incorporate new 21st technology and entertainment facilities in the centre The surroundings of the place is creating hurdle for the company such as roads following the centre are quite narrow. There is no system of maintenance of roads. There are environmental regulations in relation to safety of people, but most tourists have suffered from injury in the centre. ...
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