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Pearl Harbor as a dark tourism destination Pearl Harbor as a dark tourism destination The development of a place as a tourism destination is based on a series of facts. Primarily, the ability of the place to attract tourists need to be evaluated. At this point, the characteristics of the place, in terms of history, sightseeing options and leisure options, if available, are taken into consideration.


In order to understand the role and the value of Pearl Harbor as a dark tourism destination it would be necessary to refer to the context of this type of tourism. In accordance with Goeldner & Brent (2009) the term dark tourism is used in order to describe the trend of visiting places where tragedies (usually important ones) have taken place. Dark tourism should be characterized as a rather contemporary type of tourism (Sharpley & Stone 2010), reflecting the need of people to show their respect towards the victims of a particular event. From a similar point of view, dark tourism has been characterized as an important tool for emphasizing on important historical events which have been related, or which have resulted, to a tragedy. On the other hand, Lennon & Foley (2000) view dark tourism as a means for promoting specific political ideas and social trends. Pearl Harbor is related with a tragedy; on the 7th of December 1941 Japanese attacked the place causing the death of approximately 2350 people, mostly Arizona crewmembers and just few civilians (Hawaii Island 2011). ...
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