Technological Innovation and the Hospitality Industry

Technological Innovation and the Hospitality Industry Essay example
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<Title> <Student Name> <Name and Section # of course> <Instructor Name> <Date> Contents Page 1. Introduction 3 2. Literature   4 2.1 Ordering Online 4 4. Findings 4.1 Innovative ideas 6 4.2 Automated experience 7 4.3 Technology Thrust 8 4.4 Technical Specifications 8 4.5 System Management 9 5.


Many high rise and catchy building surface everyday offering food and entertainment for the consumers which are deprived of a cool off time at home due to their busy schedules. Therefore, generating an air of competition among rivals and between rival food joints. Each and every food providing facility incorporates methods to stand aloof of the rest of the bunch which is a major factor contributing towards the success and profit of the business. Technology as it stands in the present time is the lone factor which can propel any business to the stars or to the ground, from the lack of it. Similarly new fashion modern eat-out places are integrating technology with their restaurants to enable an environment for the consumer that is self pulling in its own manner. The hospitality industry inspired by the James Bond’s technology stunts have entered into the technology race, just like the Russian American space race in the early 60’s. The only difference, there are many moons that can be conquered. This report is about a restaurant in London which is state of the art in technology, from booking online to selecting menu from touch screens. Details will be discussed later in the report to enlighten the common user of the powers of technology in any field. ...
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