The Forces of Globalisation in the Tourism Industry: A Blessing or a Blight?

The Forces of Globalisation in the Tourism Industry: A Blessing or a Blight? Essay example
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Globalisation is a widespread concept, particularly about foreign operations and modernisation, which has a significant impact in modern societies.Also, it is made up of forces (external & internal environment), which would explain the concept as a mode of change (Chen & Hsu, 2010, p.121).


Globalisation and its forces are present long before trends are rapidly changing, but they are given emphasis when global trends have opted transnational organisations, nations, economies, societies, politics/government, industries, etc., to move out of the conventional way. “Tourism is both a cause and a consequence of globalization” (Azarya, 2004, p.949). Furthermore, tourism industry is perceived as an economic breadwinner of both developed and developing nations considering that it is today’s most rapidly growing industry and world’s largest export earner (Harrison, 2007, p.61; Higgins-Desbiolles, 2006, p.1192; Page & Connell, 2006, p.5). Globalisation and tourism are considered as the inseparable strategy and process; however, their interrelationship is gaining too much attention among tourism and academic scholars. The mostly debated topic is about the forces of globalisation in the tourism industry whether they are a blessing or a blight to the industry. However, before a claim is made, it is necessary to define various terms first, so that the issue will be understood thoroughly.
The main thrust of this paper is to study what is the real role of globalisation in the tourism industry and determine if its forces are beneficial to the industry or not. ...
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