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Essay example - The strategic position and potential opportunities and threats of TOPSHOP in the future.

The strategic position and potential opportunities and threats of TOPSHOP in the future. Essay example
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The strategic position and potential opportunities and threats of TOPSHOP in the future. Contents The strategic position and potential opportunities and threats of TOPSHOP in the future. 1 Contents 2 Introduction 3 Environmental analysis 3 Current Strategic Position 6 Strategic options and Tactics 8 Factors in the decision 9 Test of strategic option 9 Choice of strategic option recommended 10 Implementation 10 Conclusion 11 Reference 13 Bibliography 15 Appendix A: 15 Appendix B: 16 Appendix C: 17 Appendix D: 18 Introduction Topshop is a retail outlet which deals in women clothing and accessories…

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The brand has also launched its own websites through which customers in USA gets an opportunity to shop. The website is updated 5 times a week and with over 300 styles (Topshop, n.d). Environmental analysis The environmental analysis is done with the help of PEST analysis. This tool helps in detecting the trend of the environment which can become issues in the competitive environment (Henry, 2008, p.51). Political factors The countries political factor in terms of clothing has been shaped by the international trading agreement. But the rules on trade remains complicated and changes rapidly. The trade blocks and trade agreements maintains distortions to free trade, which has resulted in rise in the Chinese exports and a drop in prices for UK consumers (Allwood, 2006, p.8). Economical factors Economical factors have an adverse affect over the industry. ...
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