Comparison Paper on two Scultpture Pieces

Comparison Paper on two Scultpture Pieces Assignment example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Comparison paper on two sculpture pieces Art is a form of communication through illustrations. It articulates the ideas in a design through its diagrammatic expression. In my research, I managed to use two sculptures, one is the Scribe Statue of Amunhotep, Son of Nebiry and the other one is the Buddha sited on a lion table.


In many literatures, the lion is always referred to as the King of the Jungle. Buddha by sitting on the lions depicts his attention to be having great power or serving a powerful master. The symbolic effect of a lion displays the character of Buddha. On the other hand, Amunhotep also in his sculpture is denoted sitting on a slab on which words have been written in hylogyriphics. Between this two figures, Buddha is depicted to be having more power than Amunhotep (Dauber 561). Leaves and branch shoots indicate life in Buddha sculpture. These artistic figures are seen at the peak and sides of Buddha’s sculpture. Trees are usually symbols of life since the contain life in themselves and are used to enhance life as well by providing food to other living organisms. Them being in this sculpture associates Buddha to life aspects. Sculpture of Amunhotep does not have a background of items behind it. Its surrounding is plain. Also in Buddha sculpture presents a number of pictures displaying men looking at him a number at him are also evident (Dauber 561). This could mean he is drawing attention by whatever he is doing that is why the men were staring or listening to him or it could also mean that he holds a lot of power that is why people envy him. Amunhotep’s sculpture displays him seated is seated, but in front of him is a scroll. ...
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