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Name Course Institution Date Tourism in Norway Tourism can be described as travel from one geographical area to another in accomplishment of recreational desires, leisure, educational purposes or business issues. In some cases, tourism has been seen a kind of sporting activity especially when the participants travel for recreational and leisure purposes.


Tourism activities have huge benefits to the economy of the countries that act as the preferred tourist destination. Upon visits to various regions to see the fantastic scenes, tourists make huge payment for the access to the particular regions of preference. The collected tax from the tourism activity passes to the governments of the individual destinations, who ultimately use the revenues in financing various national projects for the benefits of the entire citizens. Norway is one such country with exemplary and attractive tourists’ destinations. The Norwegian tourism sites have earned the country superb income that has been used in financing and purchasing development programs of national importance. The history tourism in Norway illuminates the British lords as the first fishing tourists to visit the country (Aas 282). The British lords were mainly interested in fishing of salmons that inhabited most of the Norwegian rivers. Aas (282) elucidates that the current trend of marine fishing in Norway has been dominated by the German tourists who buy fishing trips from the Norwegian and foreign tour operators. According to Aas (282), most of the fishing tourists within Europe travel to particular tourisms destinations in Norway by the use of cars and planes. ...
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