Research method for hospitality and tourism assessment ( A case study on Hilton hotel)

Research method for hospitality and tourism assessment ( A case study on Hilton hotel) Essay example
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Research Method for Hospitality and Tourism Assessment A case study on Hilton hotel Research Proposal Tourism and hospitality are two economically important and interconnected industries that have a number of interconnected professions, such as customer service, cleaning, maintenance and cooking (Walker, 2009).


Some travellers have a lot of time, and like things to be relaxed and easy-going. Others, such as businessmen, are much shorter on time, and require fast and efficient service. Many people will travel from one side of the world to another, or will travel many times within a short period of time. Tourism has been a rapidly growing industry, driven by increases in the ability to travel and the prevalence of people with disposable incomes (Smith and Eadington, 1992). The hospitality industry works to provide accommodation to both tourists and locals, and are places where are wide range of different cultures and expectations meet and interact (Bardi, 2003). Hotels often become a hub for such interactions, and both staff and managers must deal with the myriad of wants and needs that arise from these different cultures. Because of the prevalence of travelling, hotels are an important part of the hospitality industry, and they provide people with a place to stay when they are far away from home. The hotel industry is a competitive environment, and because of this, hotels must work not only to attract new customers but also to retain the ones that they do have (Dominici and Guzzo, 2010). There are many hotels for guests to choose from, and many make decisions based on past experience or recommendations from people that they trust. ...
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