Sports Tourism in the UAE: Continued Methodology Section

Sports Tourism in the UAE: Continued Methodology Section Essay example
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Research Methodology This section discusses the research methodology used to conduct the research. The thesis incorporates quantitative research methodology, which is precise as well as conclusive. This chapter discusses the methods used to conduct the research and defines the variables that affect people’s perception about sports tourism in UAE and how the role of women participation affects this type of tourism.


The reason for choosing Quantitative Research methodology is because of the valuable statistical analysis it provides using survey questionnaire. This method thus provides easy access to valuable information supporting the study, one that may have not been touched by documented book and previous studies. The questionnaires will provide views and opinions from the general population within the UAE as to how there come to be a link between the sports tourism goals of the UAE and the aims to increase sports participation by female population in the UAE. A social survey has been conducted on a large scale to collect the data for statistical analysis. According to McNeill and Chapman (2005), a social survey is a tool to get large amounts of data from a large number of people in a small amount of time. Suitability of Quantitative Methodology for this Research Quantitative research methodology has been selected for this research because of its precision and less time consumption. The thesis needs a solid conclusion and that is why the statistics of Quantitative research method have been incorporated. In the later section of ‘data analysis’, the findings from the questionnaire can be analyzed to be used in the conclusions sections. ...
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