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Emirates Name Course Instructor University Date of Submission Emirates Introduction Emirates was incorporated in 1985 in Dubai. “Wholly owned by Dubai’s sovereign-wealth fund”, Emirates has become one of the world’s most influential airlines (The Economist, 2010).


Over the years it has shown tremendous growth so much that European Airlines have begun to see Emirates as a threat. Emirates’ president and Executive vice chairman are of the opinion that the reasons behind the success of Emirates are the central location (Dubai) and the favourable aviation policies of Dubai (The Economist, 2010). Etihad and Qatar Airways are two rivals of Emirates. Analysts are of the opinion that Qatar Airways is better than its competitors- including Emirates- at cost control. This could pose a huge threat for Emirates in the future (The Economist, 2010). Emirates owns one of the world’s largest fleet of aircrafts that constitutes the biggest aircrafts (e.g the Airbus A380). A common belief is that fares offered by Emirates are economical and the airline is a pioneer in offering low-cost tickets for longer flights (The Economist, 2011). Operational Characteristics Presently, Emirates caters to a world-wide market. It flies to more than a hundred destinations worldwide that cover six of the world’s continents (Emirates, 2012). One major reason for the success of Emirates is that in addition to connecting major airports (e.g London, New York etc.), it also has a strong presence in “secondary markets” that include Manchester, Seattle etc. (The Economist, 2010). ...
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