Consumer's Attitudes and Behaviour Towards Responsible Tourism

Literature review
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Consumer's attitudes and behaviour towards responsible tourism Responsible tourism allows the consumer to combine their attitudes towards the environment and sustainable culture and their holiday. This has become a growing trend in recent years, due in part to the growing conscientiousness regarding the environment and in part to the increasing amount of disposable income in the concerned classes (Swarbrooke & Horner, 2003).


An analysis will also be conducted into the opinions of tourism consumers in general to understand how the market has grown and is in a continual state of flux. The final section will cover how the market could be improved by identifying problems with the current responsible tourism market. This will help to paint a rich picture of how the consumer regards responsible tourism to allow providers to better understand their market and their customer. The Characteristics of a Responsible Tourist As responsible tourism encompasses a wide-range of tourist destinations beyond what is commonly perceived as eco-tourism, there are a wide variety of characteristics that can be said to be common to the responsible tourist. A responsible tourist will have to have some awareness of the sustainable nature of their holiday, whether that be on an economic or environmental level (Andereck, 2009). Recent studies have shown that 77% of consumers believe that tourism should have some focus on the environmental level (Miller, 2003), meaning that the majority of tourists could be classified in this way. ...
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