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Health and Medical Tourism

They are travelling to Mexico, India and Thailand for a heart bypass, and to Hungary, Poland and Malaysia for dentistry, states Reisman (2010).  Doctors from across the globe are migrating to Britain, the United States of America and Canada to experience new challenges in their field.  Hospitals are building new branches in Dubai, the Philippines and Costa Rica to see overseas patients without delay.  Thus, the benefits to both importing and exporting nations are very high, as seen from combining academic perspectives from medicine, tourism, health economics, development studies and public policy.  However,  there is a need for regulation and support in order for best outcomes for the local population and for patients who travel abroad for treatment.      According to Harrington (2007, p.81), “the globalisation of healthcare provision is having a profound effect on the British National Health Service (NHS).  Developed as a state-run, taxpayer-funded service in 1948, it continued in this form for nearly three decades of post-Keynesian restructuring.  Only from 1997, under the Labour government the basis form of the NHS began to change. Current British global reforms both impact and are influenced by the broader world-wide trend towards the marketisation of the health care, and a more complete integration of health work into the global market. The increasing popularity of medical tourism all over the world is due to several factors including the cost savings and recuperation in the sunshine.  ...
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In the paper “Health and Medical Tourism” the author investigates health tourism as an increasingly popular trend in the hospitality industry, with considerable prospects for growth in the future. Health travel is a relatively new industry with the potential to create increasing numbers of jobs. …
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