Health and Medical Tourism

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Health and Medical Tourism Name of the Student Name of the School/ Institution Health and Medical Tourism Introduction Health tourism also known as medical tourism is a relatively new dimension of the hospitality industry. Traditional routes to health care are changing as a result of health tourism, a new subcategory of healthcare.


Patients’ travel is facilitated by websites and travel agents providing well-developed programmes which include all the required services from travel and hospitality to hospital services. With patients traveling around the globe, services have to meet international standards. Organisations such as the Junior Chamber International (JCI) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have instituted standards of care; however international health care requires a regulatory body. Insurance companies support health tourism, and increasing telehealth services facilitate patient-physician communication irrespective of location. With the increasing popularity of health tourism, greater promotion of global patient safety and legal support may be required. Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate health tourism as an increasingly popular trend in the hospitality industry, with considerable prospects for growth in the future. Health Care Tourism: A New Phenomenon in the Hospitality Industry Health travel is a relatively new industry with the potential to create increasing numbers of jobs and wealth. ...
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