Tourism in Myanmar.

Tourism in Myanmar. Essay example
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There are specific impressions which are left with tourism and travel, specifically which are created through the use of media. This develops perspectives about a region in terms of the political, cultural and social concepts of the area.


The case of Myanmar is one which shows how negative impressions of traditional media have led to a lack of tourism. The conditions of the country are known for political unrest, tyranny and social communism, all which have stopped the tourist industry. Currently, Myanmar is interested in opening the doors to tourism, specifically to build the economy and to develop a global openness required. The need to change the tourist perspectives; however, is limited by the negative impressions. To change this, the use of social media can be used with strategies that develop positive impressions on the cultural and social activities that one can enjoy in the region. By creating a social media strategy, there will be the ability to reach a larger target market while creating interactions and developments with the tourism and travel industry. Introduction The ability to reach current target markets is one which is no longer dependent on brick and mortar stores and traditional advertising. To reach the needed areas, there is the need to create more alternatives with the use of online marketing, specifically with the current trends that are available. Social media is one of the areas which invites new opportunities for advertising while ensuring that the correct target market is met. This paper will look at the marketing of a mystical country, Myanmar, with the use of social media. ...
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