Similarities and Differences in Tourist Attractions in Northerrn and Southern California

Similarities and Differences in Tourist Attractions in Northerrn and Southern California Essay example
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Name of Student Instructor California Divided Date Similarities and Differences in Tourist Attractions, Entertainment, and Lifestyles in Northern and Southern California California is ranked as the number one tourist destination in America. In 2010, about 200 million tourists generated $95.1 billion (Deverell 91).


Northern and Southern California are the leading travel destination in California. Both regions have tourist attractions, which attract tourists throughout the year (94). However, Northern California has more destinations as compared to Southern California in terms of parks and Gold mining. Therefore, although California is a prime tourist destination in the United States, Northern California contributes more to the tourism industry as compared to the Southern California. This paper compares and contrasts Northern and Southern California in terms of their similarities and differences in entertainment, tourist attractions, and lifestyles. In Northern California, in El Dorado County, Coloma, Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park is an outstanding tourist attraction. The park is situated 18 miles in the south of Auburn, or on Highway 49, 9 miles on the Northern part of Placerville (95). The park has tree-lined streets, which are quiet all year long. A significant number of visitors visit the park in summer or for any special events in the year. One of the memorable events that attract visitors is the yearly commemoration of the gold discovery of 1848 in every January (96-7). The park attractions sites include buildings that have continued to exist from the gold rush, trails, picnic areas, and a replica of Sutter's Mill. ...
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