Critique of a Heritage or Cultural Event

Critique of a Heritage or Cultural Event Essay example
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Critique of a Heritage or Cultural Event China in London Table of Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Theme One: Globalisation and the visitor experience 5 A wide range of events 6 Organisation 7 Trivialising culture 8 Overall success 9 Theme Two: Visitor perception 9 Theme Three: Cultural relations 12 Conclusion 13 References 15 Abstract Chinese in London is an event that celebrates the Chinese New Year as well as the culture and heritage of China, and it occurs within the heart of London.


The event occurs annually, attracting more than 300,000 participants in the final celebration. Introduction Britain promotes cultural connections with many countries through the use of cultural festivals and events. This is particularly prevalent in terms of Chinese culture. The interest that Britain people in general have towards China and the Chinese culture can be seen in the dramatic increase of people learning Chinese within Britain. There are close to 100,000 people throughout the United Kingdom who are learning to speak Chinese through language classes (People's Daily Online, 2011). One explanation for this interest is the focus that Britain has placed on Chinese culture. This interest in the culture and history of China has continued to grow among United Kingdom citizens (China Culture, 2008b). This evaluation will consider the China in London cultural festival that occurs annually around the time of the Chinese New Year. The festival is an example of the celebration and teaching of the values of one culture within another. In this case, the annual festival is continuing to grow, driven by an increasing interest in aspects of Chinese culture. ...
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